Summer holiday 2014 in Magaluf, Mallorca

July is a popular month for taking holidays. I didn’t hear about Mallorca before, but I found on the internet articles and photos about this place and I decided to come here to check if it’s truth.

I came from Turin, Italy which was very easy and only took about an hour and a half on the plane to get here. My friend  booked a bus online to get to the resort, the driver didn’t speak any English. On the way to the hotel we saw lots of young drunk people who were all over the road and a little bit rowdy. We eventually got here after he asked our hotel name many times and we arrived at around 1am. We stayed at the Sol Wave House “twitter hotel” which means instead of calling for help or advice you can just send them a tweet instead and they will try to help you. In my opinion this twitter hotel is not so different from a normal hotel in all other aspects except asking for things. They ran a competition for the world cup where you had to guess which team would win  and you could win 6 bottles of cider. To my surprise I expected there would be lots of people entering, however usually it was a only a few per match. My friend won once, but he was the only person to pick this team.

After enjoying a nice breakfast, we decided to go to the beach and try to get a sun tan. The water was clean and cool. Perfect to cool down in after a few hours relaxing on the beach and topping up our tans.


The day after we decided to visit one of the most popular shows on the island called “Pirates Reloaded”. It’s an amazing show with lots of acrobatics which follows an adult theme (18+).  There is usually a family version of this show, but we opted for the more fun version which we enjoyed immensely.

Later in the week we booked a sunset  horse riding trip to the other side island at place called Ranche Grande. It took around an hour to get here and once we did we were split into groups based on the languages we spoke and there were groups for English, German, French and Russian. They explained to us what we needed to do to control the horse and there was a “cop out” wagon for people who didn’t want to ride and they followed us and drank lots of Sangria. There were different groups for people with different riding experience and we chose the beginner group because we had never ridden before. It was an amazing horse riding trip followed by a BBQ and country dancing.


Magaluf is a popular holiday spot for many English people and to my surprise lots of Russian families also. There are lots of English restaurants and pubs so for English people it feels very much like home except better weather and a nice beach. English was the primary language we heard and not Spanish. Lots of young English people come here to enjoy their holidays and sometimes become a little crazy so you should be careful as you may see or hear things which you’d rather not.



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