Learning German in Bremen

What is the best way to learn new language?   Everyone  should choose  the best option for themselves.

As for me the right choice was to move  foer some time to a country that speaks  German natively.

My first step was to look for courses which would be good for me.  To my surprise I found out that there were some free courses which are called “Asta – Deutschkurse” in Bremen.  my next step was to look for some apartments.  This was difficult because  most people only wanted to rent apartments to long-term tenants, but I wanted only for 3 months. In 1 month I received only 3 positive replies, however 2 of these later changed their minds because of some problems with their apartments. The last to reply was a woman who  preferred a short-term rental. But it was a risk for me  because I didn’t see any photos or sign any contract.

On the day before I came  I received a message that my flight was cancelled because of the pilot strikes.  Because of this I had to take 3 connecting flights to Bremen.

The woman met me  in the airport and it took only 15 minutes to get the apartment.  It was very nice and I wasn’t disappointed.

The next day I went to my first German lesson which had a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. They have different levels and I began with A2 and B1 to refresh and improve my German.

Bremen is a small and traditional city with lots of beautiful churches. Maybe you heard about it from the famous fairytale “The Bremen Town Musicians”? In the centre you can find the statue of the Bremen musicians and you should rub both of the donkey’s front legs and make a wish.

Another interesting thing is Bremer Loch.  It’s a big charity box in the ground where you can donate some money and get rewarded with a random animal sound  from one of these musicians.

After 3 months I am sure that I will be able to tell you more about this experience.

To be continued…

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