Easter in Spain

Spain is an amazing country with nice food and tasty sangria. In Barcelona, I discovered lots of wonderful sights such as La Sagrada Familia church and Park Guell. In this city there is much interesting architecture which is inspired by Gaudi, the famous architect from Spain.

2014-04-18 16.50.30

Barcelona has a beautiful beach with amazing views of the building by the sea and the palm trees swaying in the wind.

2014-04-25 14.40.03

I tried the local food which is commonly referred to as Tapas. It consists of small portions of Spanish dishes such as potatoes and tortillas.

In the evening, my favourite place to visit was the La Font Magica which is a magical fountain which changes colour and reacts to the modern music which is played at the same time.

2014-04-19 22.01.54

The Spanish language is similar to Italian. If you have some knowledge of Italian your stay in Spain will be easier because of the similarities of lots of the words, for example alegría in Spainish is the same as allegria in Italian which means fun/happiness in English and радость in Russian.

It’s one of the many cities I would love to visit again.


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