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  • Increase understanding of the language and use of vocabulary
  • One-on-one conversation practice for general or specific situations
  • Resume review and practice interviews

Ukrainian lessons

This Ukrainian Language Course gives the opportunity to improve your skills in conversation, reading, correct pronunciation and writing. All Course Levels available: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 – Beginners to Advanced Programmes.


What my students say

Спасибо большое! Мне очень понравилось урок. I like the teaching style, I felt comfortable to speak freely, it was very useful.


The lesson was very good with great resource materials. I look forward to learning more.


Another great lesson and this time in Ukrainian! 🙂

Language Tsar

Great first lesson. Juliya quickly adapted to my level and was able to push me to the limits of my knowledge.


Juliya is a very nice and patient teacher. We had a first trial session and she checked my level of Russian, in order to structure a program for our classes. She listened to me carefully and made me feel at ease. Thank you!


A very helpful and insightful lesson, teacher was attentive and able to answer my questions. I can highly recommend this teacher.


Excellent all round. Points of misunderstanding clearly explained (as much as possible in the target language; Ukrainian in my case). We went through a book with lots of different themes and Ukrainian/English side-by-side translations. We read a couple of sections (me first, and then Juliya). Afterwards, I had to try and convey the text in my own words, then answer questions, etc. I have homework which I am happy about (I’m weird). Definitely would recommend a session with Juliya, and in the meantime I will be scheduling another. Thanks!


Juliya was patient and helpful. As a beginner, this was great. I’m traveling to Russia soon, so we focused on specific scenarios such as directions, where I’m visiting, what I’m doing there, etc. It was great to hear the cadence and speed of native speech.


Чудово! Thank you for going over the basics with me and being a patient, but firm, teacher. I really liked that you stopped me when making a mistake and corrected my grammar – most of the people I talk with here do not do that. I found both texts today to be quite helpful. Although the first text seems to be easier, it was quite useful in drilling the basics. The second text introduced a number of words and constructions that I am not familiar with, but this is good as it will build up my vocabulary and confidence in acquiring a more proper use of Ukrainian. I have to check my schedule and see when I can schedule another lesson. If you can recommend some practice drills that I can work on until next time, please let me know. Also please let me know of any Ukrainian youtube channels I can listen to so I can work on my listening comprehension. Дуже дякую вам Юлію!


Juliya went over vocabulary and grammar in the beginning to determine my level of Ukrainian. We had a mini conversation as well to see how far I had studied on my own. From there, we went over dialogues from a book and reviewed parts that I didn’t know, as well as additional grammar concepts. I appreciated the written notes along the way as well as the accent correction when I said a word incorrectly.


Excellent professor. I have been studying with her for approximately 6 months and I have to say that Yuliya is very knowledgeable about the Russian language. Moreover she takes time in order to fully explain the grammar and vocabulary and she creates a very relaxed atmosphere during the lessons.


I have had great lessons with Juliya. The lessons are very thorough, and I always feel very motivated to continue studying after our lessons. Not only are the lessons interesting, but Juliya’s approach makes the material and the language itself very accessible. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.


Very tough language to learn, Juliya has maximum patience and teaches very professionally and methodically. I am confident in time with Juliya teaching it will make sense eventually as I am new to Russian language


I’ve taken lessons with Juliya for six months. She’s a great teacher and I’ve learned a lot with her. I thought that learning russian was very hard, but I found her lessons very pleasant and interesting.


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